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Irrigation and Drainage Systems

Irrigation and drainage systems are crucial parts of a beautiful garden and a healthy looking lawn. With proper piping plans, high quality equipments, and years of experience and expertise, 3D Pools and Landscaping is ready to help you with all your irrigation and drainage system installation and maintenance needs.

Having the proper irrigation and drainage installment is key to keeping your yard healthy and charming.

That’s why we only work with individuals who have years of practice under their belts, and use top of the line Rainbird and Hunter irrigation supplies and materials. We offer the highest quality work and service for affordable, fair prices.

Our work starts from the very bottom to ensure maximum effectiveness: your land. Therefore, we do inspections, research, as well as topography tests to find the best materials to use. Not only do we plan the best piping layout for your yard and landscape, we also work tirelessly to meet all you require from an irrigation system.

In addition, we ask ourselves many important questions like “How can we conserve water?”, or “What layout is best for this sprinkler schedule?”, or “What parts are best to use for efficient work at a decent price?” In the light of these questions and their answers, we design the perfect layout for your yard and bring our projects to completion.

An irrigation system is incomplete without proper drainage.

As important as irrigation systems are, they’re only half of the job; a well-built drainage system is also needed to complete the perfect watering cycle. Not to mention, a good drainage system can prevent floods and protect your lawn and plants on the long run.

When building a drainage system, it is important to remember water always flows downwards and follows the path with least resistance.Given these points, we build the best drainage system that’s suitable for your yard; from french drains to sump-pumps, we choose our best option that will work with your piece of land.

Our services include:

  • Sprinkler and irrigation system design and installation
  • Drainage system design and installation
  • Custom layouts and plans for your yard
  • Topography tests
  • Irrigation and drainage system maintenance

And more!

Contact us with all your questions and get a free quote today. We service all of Houston and Katy area!