green pool

How to Fix Green Pool Water

It may surprise you suddenly: one day you walk outside and your pool has turned green. How did this happen? There are several causes of a green pool, but luckily there are many ways to fix it. How did my pool turn green? In warm summer months especially, algae can begin to takeover your pool.…

protect landscaping hurricane

How to Protect Landscaping from a Hurricane

Strong winds and rain from hurricanes can be intimidating. You may be wondering how to best prepare and protect your landscaping from hurricane damage. As a Houston landscaping company and pool builder, we know how much effort goes into your yard. Here are some tips for hurricane preparation so that your landscape is protected. Plan…


Summer Pool Inspiration

It’s still as hot as can be here in the summer months of Houston, Texas, and we have the perfect pool inspiration for you. Nothing beats relaxing in a pool of your very own. Take a look at these pools that are sure to make a splash! This first one has everything your backyard needs:…

landscape design houston

Why You Should Hire a Landscape Designer

As the summer months roll in for Houston, you may begin to look around your yard with curiosity. What are the possibilities here? If you are interested in a new landscape design in the Houston area, it is beneficial to hire a landscape designer. You need someone who can show you your yard’s possibilities. A…

spruce up yard houston

Spruce Up Your Yard for the Summer Months

Summer is rolling in fast here in Houston and you may be wondering how to get your yard into shape. As the global situation continues to progress, we look forward to the coming months. Whether for future socialization or personal enjoyment, this is the best time to spruce up your yard. Here are some ways…

plants houston yard

Deciding on Plants for a Houston Yard

If you’ve decided to redesign your yard in Houston, 3D Pools and Landscape can help. We offer professionals that can design your yard for you. If you’d like to pick out some plants yourself, keep these tips in mind. When it comes to choosing plants for perfect Houston yard landscaping, there are many factors to…