pool led lights

Lighting systems in swimming pools

LED pool lighting is a perfect system for any in-ground swimming pool owner. Swimming pools are used for service purposes in residential buildings and structures, and another use is their visual beauty. For this reason, the special pool led lighting or lighting systems used in swimming pools and ornamental pools serve swimming, entertainment, and relaxation…

3D Pool

Building or Replacing your Fence

3D Pools and Landscape know the benefit of a good quality fence. Fences mark your property line, they give privacy when desired, they protect unwanted intruders, and they absolutely add to the aesthetics of a backyard. What you may not know however, is that 3D Pools can design, install, or replace your current fence with…

MistAway stainless steel nozzles

Mosquito Repellent Systems

Mosquitoes are visitors that no one wants in their backyard. Especially a backyard where 3D Pools and Landscape has designed and installed a new pool or a beautiful landscaping design. Mosquitoes make playing in the backyard miserable for kids, make grilling an unpleasant experience, and can even transmit deadly diseases. It’s safe to say, no…

how to take care pool in winter

Tips for Pool Care in Winter

Winter in Houston Texas is typically a nice mild break from the desperately hot and humid summer, spring, and fall. Houstonians are able to go out during the day without a risk of getting overheated and most enjoy a nice cold crisp day. However during the winter those with pools can easily forget to care…

fall landscaping tips

Fall Landscaping Tips

The temperatures are finally cooling in Houston, and within the next few months we will see our city’s version of fall. This means that some changes should be made to your landscaping in order to prepare. Changes in the weather can have a great effect on your lawn. Here are our fall landscaping tips, from…

pool leaves cleaning

Cleaning Leaves from Your Pool

As we get closer to the fall months, you may notice one pesky problem arise with your pool: leaves. Depending on the trees in your yard, leaves can become an annoying cleaning hassle for any pool owner. However, you may find that prevention and maintenance are not as difficult with a few tips. Preventing the…